Other Industries We Service

Expanded Services Available

We have expanded our services to include bakery ovens, process burn-off ovens, ceramic kiln cars, and crematory units among other industries. While our primary focus is on the heat treat market, our expertise lends itself to other industries. We are committed to providing the best service and draw upon our experience to provide a quality job while being careful to not be everything to everyone.

Proper rebuild and maintenance keeps down time to a minimum. Performing yearly maintenance on your equipment is a necessity!

Crematory Repairs & Rebuilds

  • Refractory reline existing furnace using recommended industry materials and installation methods per manufacturer specifications.
  • Burner adjustments or replacement.
  • Ceramic refractory coating inner hot face lining to improve refractory life.
Crematory Before Rebuild Crematory After Rebuild

Fume Incinerators

Fume Incinerator Fume Incinerator

Kiln Car Repairs & Rebuilds

  • Replacement of worn or damaged refractory heat seals around door openings and work support cars.
  • Complete refractory lining replacement using manufacturer's specifications and install methods.
  • Repair or replacement of worn doors and load car steel case.
  • Car replacement to include steel fabrication.
Kiln Car New Construction Kiln Car New Construction Kiln Car Rebuild

Industrial Ovens

Bakery Ovens

  • Work site containment
  • Replace or repair of inner oven panels (Roof, Sidewalls, Floor)
  • Repair access doors to include inner panels, insulation, and door seals.
  • Combustion system audits and adjustments

Air Heat Ovens

  • Repair or replace inner oven panels
  • Burner adjustment or replacement
  • Insulation repairs or replacement
  • Burner troubleshooting
Before Air Heat Oven Rebuild Before Rebuild Of Air Heat Oven Before Rebuild Of An Air Heat Oven Partial View of Finished Air Heat Oven 1 Partial View of Finished Air Heat Oven 2