Leading Reconditioner of Industrial Heat Treating Furnaces & Ovens

  • Continuous Pusher, Re-Lined

    Continuous Pusher, Re-Lined

  • Electric Batch After Rebuild

    Electric Batch After Rebuild

  • Professionally Rebuilt Electric Pit

    Professionally Rebuilt Electric Pit

  • Gas Fired Pusher Furnace

    Gas Fired Batch Furnace

  • Single Ended Recuperative Burner

    Single Ended Recuperative Burner

  • Pusher Furnace Rebuild with Skid Rail Hearth

    Pusher Furnace Rebuild with Skid Rail Hearth

  • Hearth Installed

    Hearth Installed

Our Services Include

  • Refractory Installations & Repairs
  • Combustion Systems & Service
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Inventory of Refractory & Insulation Materials
  • Furnace Spare Parts
  • Modifications & Conversions
  • Turnkey Service with Mechanical Labor
  • Crematory & Kiln Car Rebuilds
  • Industrial Oven Repair & Replacement
  • Control Instrument Calibration & Replacement
  • SAT (Standardized Accuracy Testing)
  • Temperature Uniformity Surveys

Conserve Energy and Lower Operating Cost

Thermal expansion and contraction of heat treating equipment (furnaces, ovens, kilns) play havoc with insulation which causes deterioration and loss of costly energy.

Repair or replace refractories, doors, and seals. It Pays!

Energy Loss Is Money Loss

Minimize Downtime With Preventative Maintenance

Many times production demands become a priority over maintenance. Unexpected downtime on mechanical equipment which is not properly maintained is inevitable. However, it may be avoided with a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. Many of our customers have proven that scheduled downtime for proper maintenance is less costly than running equipment until failure. Our programs are tailored to the specific type and operation of each furnace.

We are big enough to serve, small enough to care!

  • Our goal is to treat every job, big or small, with extra care and do it correct the first time. Contact Us today and speak with a qualified technician!
  • Our quality and craftsmanship speaks for itself!