Shop Capabilities

High Quality Materials From Industry Leading Manufacturers

We only use quality products from leading manufacturers. Project engineering support from our vendors is a valuable resource which helps ensure only the right materials are used to provide the best value. Close relationships with these vendors also make the latest technology available to our customers as it develops. We offer a complete line of refractory materials and combustion parts for your application. Supply includes refractory shapes to lined doors with a quick turn around in shop fabrication with attention to detail.

Shop Fabricated Insulation Panels, Refractory Shapes, Alloy Inner Doors & Lining

Shop Fabricated Insulation Panels Special Refractory Shapes Inner Door Replacement and Fabrication Alloy Structural Fabrication and Insulation We Have A Large Refractory Inventory

Product & Materials Offered

  • Insulating Fire Brick
  • Super Duty Fire Brick
  • Refractory Anchors
  • Insulating Castables
  • High Temperature Mortar
  • Ceramic Fiber Materials (Blankets, Modules)
  • Eclipse Burners and Parts
  • CAD Design Capabilities
  • Special Refractory Shapes
  • Shop Fabricated Insulation Panels
  • Alloy Door Fabrication and Lining

Vendors, Suppliers & Manufacturers

  • Thermal Ceramics
  • BNZ Materials, Inc.
  • Harbison Walker
  • Eclipse, Inc.
  • Conrad Kasick
  • Specialized Riggers and Erectors, Inc.
  • Fab-Tech, Inc.
  • Air Gas National Welders
  • Custom Electric
  • Alloy Engineering and Casting
  • Eastern Industrial Supplies, Inc.
  • Bacharach, Inc.
  • SSI
  • Honeywell, Inc.