Roller Hearth Furnaces

Do not take a chance on unexpected downtime by trusting repair of critical equipment to someone who does not have the knowledge. We encounter this all too often as illustrated in the example pictures below. A claim made someone to have many years of experience may actually be one year of experience many times.

Our Services Include:

  • Furnace casing repair.
  • Air/hydraulic cylinder rebuilds.
  • Replacement of air/atmosphere inlets, thermocouples and wells.
  • Replacement of fan housing bearings.
  • Threaded stud replacement.
  • Existing lining removal.
  • Mechanical disassembly and reassembly if desired.
  • Ceramic refractory coating of inner hot face lining to help resist oil or carbon penetration which prolongs lining life expectancy.

Upon completion your furnace will be:

  • Leak checked.
  • Test fired.
  • A written dry-out procedure will be provided for initial firing after repairs.

Start To Finish Quality Results

Roller Hearth Before Rebuild Roller Hearth After Rebuild