Environment Containment

On-Site Assembly Of Containment Structures

  • A containment environment keeps particles, dust, and other contaminants in-check and away from any process work and valuable equipment that you may have located in the vicinity of the furnace.
  • We can build containments around equipment when required to maintain a dust free environment while the work is being completed and maintain a suitable work environment by the use of HEPA Portable Air Scrubbers.
  • These enclosures prevent dust and other particles from contaminating the surrounding shop area.
  • We offer this, among many options, to stabilize the environment during completion of the job.

Dust Free Environment Prevents Contamination On The Job

Dust Free Environment Full Enclosure of the Job Prevents Particle Contamination Backside Of Containment Environment Showing Air Scrubber Side Of Containment Environment Filtered For Clean Air Intake