Combustion Systems

Energy Is An Important Consideration

For many companies “ENERGY” is the third largest business expense. Burner recuperation must be an important consideration. Test results have shown, on average, a 20% fuel savings in furnace recuperation versus without. In addition, periodic burner tuning is necessary to maintain temperature uniformity and prolong tube life.

We offer a variety of combustion system setups for both large and small furnaces. Our experience as factory trained burner technicians enables us to perform burner tuning as well as troubleshoot problems. Call us to help with your combustion system upgrades, replacement parts and NFPA compliance audits.

Combustion System Services

  • New Combustion Systems
  • Repair or Upgrade Systems
  • Burner Adjustments
  • Emergency Service
  • Professional Installation
  • Safety Inspection
  • Proper Maintenance

Primary Vendors & Manufacturers

  • Eclipse, Inc.
  • Alloy Engineering & Casting
  • Eastern Supply, Inc.
  • Bacharach, Inc.
  • SSI
  • Honeywell, Inc.
  • Steeltech Inc.
  • Hauck Manufacturing Co.
  • Karl Dungs Inc.
  • North American Burners
  • Industrial Furnace Interiors Inc.

Proper Combustion System Installation Successes

Tube Fired Batch Furnace Retrofitted With Burner Recuperator Batch Furnace Converted to Single Ended Recuperative Burners Batch Furnace Converted to Single Ended Recuperative Burners Batch Oven Burner Upgrades Single Ended Recuperative Burners (SER) Main Gas Valve Train Multiple Furnaces Equipped With SER Burners Single-Ended Recuperative Burner Installed In Pit Furnace Single-Ended Recuperative Burner Installed In A Pit Furnace Before Burner Upgrade During Burner Upgrade Completed Burner Upgrade Prior to Pipe Insulation Burner Piping Upgrade Combustion System Burner Piping Upgrade