Car Bottom Furnaces

Car bottom furnaces typically develop problems with the car to furnace seal as the equipment ages. A tight seal is crucial to achieve peak burner performance (where applicable), atmosphere balance, temperature uniformity and furnace pressure. Let us share our experience improving this trouble area to provide a tight furnace seal for years to come.

Our Services Include:

  • Furnace casing repair.
  • Existing lining removal.
  • Mechanical disassembly and reassembly if desired.
  • Ceramic refractory coating of inner hot face lining to help resist oil or carbon penetration which prolongs lining life expectancy.

Upon completion your furnace will be:

  • Leak checked.
  • Test fired.
  • A written dry-out procedure will be provided for initial firing after repairs.

Car Bottom Furnace Move

Furnace Crane Unload Furnace Relocated Inside Building Furnace Skated Into Place Furnace Reassembly Car Set On Rails Car Bottom Furnace Installation

Panel Construction

Pre-lined Furnace Panel Assembly Furnace Tie-in Work Once Walls Assembled Flying Roof Panel Into Place Assembled Car Bottom Furnace Car Lined And Ready