Belt Furnaces

Continuous furnace repair requires a good working knowledge of the process for proper maintenance. We understand the unique issues that come with operation of a belt furnace. Let our experience be a useful resource to you.

Mesh and Cast Link Belt Furnaces

Our Services Include:

  • Furnace casing repair.
  • Air/hydraulic cylinder rebuilds.
  • Replacement of air/atmopshere inlets, thermocouples and wells.
  • Replacement of drive belt and roller chain bearings.
  • Replacement of fan housing bearings.
  • Threaded stud replacement.
  • Existing lining removal.
  • Mechanical disassembly and reassembly if desired.
  • Ceramic refractory coating of inner hot face lining to help resist oil or carbon penetration which prolongs lining life.

Upon completion your furnace will be:

  • Leak checked.
  • Test fired, to include belt tracking.
  • A written dry-out procedure will be provided for initial firing after repairs.
Mesh Belt Furnace Mesh Belt Furnace Roof Cast Link Belt Reline Cast Link Belt Reline Belt Furnace Before Belt Furnace After Cast Link Belt Furnace Vestibule Under Construction Drop Chute Installed Cast Link Belt Rear Drum Assembly Nearing Completion Of Cast Link Belt Furnace Alloy Installed Belt Furnace Before Repiping Existing Burner System Finished Job Of Piping Belt Furnace Belt Furnace Completion Of Piping Completed Repiping Of Belt Furnace, Another Angle