Batch Furnaces

Batch heat treating furnaces are among the most common type in use today. We have many years of experience servicing equipment of all makes and models. Leading furnace manufacturers call on us to perform field service work on their own equipment.

We Specialize In Hearth Conversions

  • Hearth tile design to skid rail design.
  • Skid rail design to roller rail design.

Our Services Include:

  • Furnace casing repair.
  • Air/hydraulic cylinder rebuilds.
  • Replacement of air/atmosphere inlets, thermocouples and wells.
  • Replacement of fan housing bearings.
  • Threaded stud replacement.
  • Existing lining removal.
  • Mechanical disassembly and reassembly if desired.
  • Ceramic refractory coating of inner hot face lining to help resist oil or carbon penetration which prolongs lining life expectancy.

Upon completion your furnace will be:

  • Leak checked.
  • Test fired.
  • A written dry-out procedure will be provided for initial firing after repairs.

Gas Fired Furnace Rebuilds

Continuous Batch Furnace Before Reline Continuous Batch Furnace After Reline Batch Furnace Partial RepairU-Tube Gas Fired Batch Furnace U-Tube Gas Fired Batch Furnace With Ceramic Coating Applied

Electric Batch Furnace Rebuilds

Electric Batch Furnace Before Electric Batch Furnace After Electric Batch Furnace After Electric Batch Door After Electric Batch Complete Rebuild Electric Batch Heating Elements Electric Batch Completed Electric Batch Furnace Before Rebuild Electric Batch Furnace After Rebuild Electric Batch Furnace After Rebuild

Gas Fired Batch Furnace Burner Upgrades And Tuning

Gas Fired Batch Before Burner Upgrade Gas Fired Batch In The Process Of Adding Burner Recuperation Batch Furnace With New Recuperative Burners